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Announcement of Love Niverville Project in Conjunction With Helping Hands


The local Congregations of Niverville are pleased to announce a collaborative and a cooperative approach in conjunction with Niverville Helping Hands with an expanded vision called Love Niverville in reaching out to the social and economic needs of people who live within the vicinity of Niverville, New Bothwell, Otterburne and Ste. Agathe.  Care packages will be made available twice monthly to people in need, particularly those who have been adversely affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

The intent is to show compassion for those with a physical need of food, and also offer a listening ear to those who may be coping with stress, anxiety or depression.  The vision is to connect with people where they are at in distributing to their necessities and in whatever area of need—physically, emotionally or spiritually.

Requests for a care package can be made and processed at one of the following local charity/church contacts where individuals can either phone, leave messages or email.  They will advise of the proper protocols and pick-up times for a care package of food items to be made available to those in need.

A few guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Food items will be largely non-perishable items and food vouchers with a local business.
  2. Contributions and donations for this project are income tax receiptable, and gifts can be processed either through Maranatha Niverville or through Niverville Helping Hands.
  3. Distributions will continue for as long as there are funds in this project fund which will be managed and administrated transparently, responsibly and with accountability.
  4. The first distribution date for food hampers will be on Thursday, May 14.  The deadline to request a hamper and fill out requisition forms for this initial distribution must be in by Monday, May 11.


Letter with Love Niverville Project in Conjunction With Helping Hands

On behalf of the churches of Niverville, we are passing along this care package designed specifically to help those in need in our geographical area, but wanting to enlarge our focus to include any who are in crisis due to the current COVID-19 crisis.  We want to respond to people’s need for physical food as well as to respond to any deeper needs for relationship and/or connection into the community.

If, on a request basis, you have any felt needs for soul care for emotional needs such as stress, anxiety or depression in addition to the physical need for food, we would invite you to either call or email one of the contact people in one of our local church congregations.  If you are in need of prayer or encouragement or simply a listening ear on either a spiritual or an emotional level, please call us!

Feel free to phone, leave a message or email any one of the following representatives of a church/ ministry in town, whoever you are the most comfortable in communicating with in order to connect, whether you desire a prayer, a listening ear, or whether you may need a referral.

Thank you, and God bless you!

The Niverville Ministerial

Coordinating Team to Work with Gord Kroeker on Love Niverville Project as a Liaison Between Him and Potential Volunteers from the Churches